Skills assessment for accounting occupations in Australia

注册会计师s Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is approved by the 民政事务总署 to conduct skills assessments for accounting occupations.

用于迁移目的的技能评估是 出具相关的 技能评估机构.              

The combined list of eligible skilled occupations sets out all relevant occupations under 4 occupation lists. Most occupations in each list have their own skills assessing authority. 


CA ANZ conducts skills assessment for the following accounting occupations:

  • 会计(一般)- ANZSCO 221111
  • 管理会计- ANZSCO 221112
  • 税务会计- ANZSCO 221113
  • 公司司库- ANZSCO 221212
  • 外部审计师- ANZSCO 221213
  • 财务经理- ANZSCO 132211 

The ANZSCO provides information on the skill level of jobs, qualifications and/or 从事职业所需的经验. 职业定义可以找到 on 澳大利亚统计局.

Accounting skills assessment

获得一个合适的 skills assessment 有些签证是强制性的吗 subclasses (and streams) and may be requested for others.

CA ANZ provides:


CA ANZ will assess your educational qualifications to determine if they meet the educational standards for the accounting occupations:

Degree comparability 

You must hold a qualification comparable to at least the level of an Australian bachelor’s degree.


  • provisional (subclass 485 visa – graduate work stream) skills assessment: Australian bachelor’s degree or 12 unit Australian master’s degree in accounting or relevant field (business, commerce or economics)
  • full (permanent) skills assessment: Australian bachelor’s degree or 12 unit Australian master’s degree or an overseas tertiary and/or professional membership qualification comparable to at least the level of an Australian bachelor’s (AQF 7级或以上)

Competency areas

你必须完成所有必修课 competency areas that are relevant to your nominated occupation.


You must provide evidence that you have met the 英语语言能力 requirement from one of the following approved providers:


You must hold a suitable full (permanent) qualification assessment outcome under the same nominated occupation from CA ANZ to apply for a 熟练的工作评估.


  • Ensure you understand the details of your personal visa requirements as set by the 民政事务总署 或者雇佣一个 注册迁移代理(MARA) to assist you with your visa application before submitting your skills assessment application to CA ANZ.
  • CA ANZ does not provide specific information on migration or visa requirements. 有关签证的查询, points table and migration requirements should be directed to the Australian Government, 民政事务总署.
  • 澳新银行努力完成申请 soon as possible, however please refer to our approximate processing times. 可能会考虑紧急请求. 你必须解释清楚 your reason along with evidence to support your request.  
  • CA ANZ will refuse to assess applications if suspected false and/or non-authentic information or documentation is provided. CA ANZ will issue a negative outcome letter to applicant confirming that: ‘Based on the documentation submitted, CA ANZ is unable to confirm authenticity and therefore the outcome of the assessment is negative’. Suspected falsification will be notified to the 民政事务总署 and other accounting assessing authorities. 禁止重新申请可能是 imposed and the application fee will not be refunded.

步骤1 -资格评估标准 

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