How to apply for the 注册会计师s Program

已打开CA程序的申请. Please ensure you apply before 11 February to be approved as a Provisional Member in time to enrol for Term 2 subjects.


  1. Complete the online Provisional CA application form and submit with your academic documentation (see checklist below). You will receive an email confirmation as soon as you submit your application.
  2. Receive approval via email from our assessment team that you are eligible to enrol in your first subject.
  3. Enrol in your first subject(s) and if you are currently employed in a relevant accounting role, start tracking your Mentored Practical Experience.

Before applying it is important that you read and understand the following:

  1. CA程序概述信息, which explains the requirements of the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA) course and three-years Mentored Practical Experience that form this program.
  2. 费用及报名资料, which explains the course tuition fees and potential charges that you may incur, as well as other information to help you manage your enrolment and progression in the program.
  3. Candidate Credit Arrangements Policy and Procedure, which outlines the arrangements and potential eligibility for applying for credit towards your CA Program course studies (if applicable); and
  4. 考生入学条款及条件, which sets out your and CA ANZ’s rights and obligations in connection with your enrolment, including the terms concerning enrolment withdrawal, variation, exclusion and cancellation; fee refunds; tuition protection; complaints, grievances and appeals; and other such matters.


已打开CA程序的申请. Please ensure you apply before 11 February to be approved as a Provisional Member in time to enrol for Term 2 subjects.

Apply now

If you have any difficulties gathering supporting documentation for your application due to the impacts of COVID-19, let us know 我们可以告诉你你的选择.

注册会计师s Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is a registered Australian higher education provider in the category of ‘Institute of Higher Education’ (TEQSA Provider ID: PRV12024).



  • Official academic transcript(s) - see the certification of academic documents section below before submitting your application. Incorrectly certified documents are the number one cause of delay in the assessment process.
  • Evidence of completed degree if this is not stated in your official transcript. A certified degree certificate or completion letter is acceptable.
  • If you're currently employed in a relevant accounting role with a CA mentor, 完成并上传签名 指导实践经验协议.

Please note additional documentation may be required, refer to the checklist on page 1 the Provisional Application form for further information.


If you have supplied all the academic documents listed in the checklist below, you can expect your application to be assessed within 20 working days.

Applications received on or before the application close date will be assessed in time for you to enrol before next available intake. If your application is submitted after this date, 它仍将被评估, but we cannot guarantee enrolment for the next available intake.


The following are examples of acceptable means of certification.

1. Official e-copies of documents (PDF), such as those provided through My eQuals.

My eQuals provides secure access to certified official transcripts and degree documents.

在My eQuals网站了解更多

Click here

2. 原始文件的数字彩色扫描

These must be clear colour copies with no shadow or obstruction. As a guide, these files should be around 1 mb in size or larger. 如果你不确定, have these documents certified using the certification guidelines below as if they were black and white copies.

3. 原件的黑白复印件

We will accept these if they are correctly certified as a true copy of the original. Suggested wording for certification is as follows:

I certify that this is a true copy of the document produced to me on {Date}.



Phone number:

资格:(e.g. CA,摩根大通,药剂师)


如果你的文件有多页, each page must be signed or initialled with the last page carrying the primary certification statement.


Review the list of people who can certify documents in the 相关下载 section below.